Acupuncture can treat a wide array of conditions either in a supportive role or as a primary treatment modality.

Conditions Treated

Most individuals seek out an acupuncturist for treatment of Pain, especially of the back and joints.  Pain can be acute in nature, perhaps resulting from sports or other injuries, or long term and chronic.  The most common conditions treated are headaches, muscular-skeletal condition (e.g. joints, back, neck, etc.), tingling, numbness, burning and itchiness. In addition to pain, acupuncture treatments can be designed to address Internal or Systemic Disorders.  Systemic disorder are those affecting the digestive, respiratory, immune, or other body systems. Both pain and systemic conditions can lead to Health and Stress related disorders which can also be effectively treated.  Specific characteristics of the stress related conditions can present as anxiety, irritability, anger, lack of motivation, insomnia, etc.

Our Approach

We follow Applied Channel Acupuncture with Balance Method treatments. We work with you to logically determine acupuncture locations for focused, individualized treatments.  Treatments can be designed to address localized conditions affecting single areas or whole body systems for general health and quality of life. Our treatments stimulate blood flow, relax and assist in the repair of muscles and tendons and support the body’s natural healing systems. 

Balance Method

Western medicine’s primary emphasis adheres to a paradigm of health which analyzes and describes conditions and injuries in terms of distinct, isolated components (e.g. low testosterone, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, heart disease, etc.). In contrast, Chinese medicine approaches health through a functional system understanding. In our treatments we considers the importance of separate body systems and evaluate symptoms which correspond to an overall patterns of imbalance. Guiding principles of the Balance Method:

  • Thinking Differently than other acupuncture clinics, we utilize treatment locations away from areas of injury or pain
  • Acting Simply we use fewer acupuncture points to generate continuous improvement while requiring fewer treatments
  • Superior Results are achieved by taking advantage of the core inter- connections between body systems