Detailed Concepts

Education and learning are a form of change, transforming the past of what we have known to a future of expanded understanding. Learning has been shown to have beneficial effects especially on mental health, adaptability and cognitive function.  Acquiring new knowledge equips you to make more informed decisions which affect both your mental and physical health. Beyond just the acquisition of facts and knowledge, education should empower you to use knowledge as a process.  Specifically to apply what you have learned to pursue a richer understanding of concepts or to create future opportunities.

Leveraging more than a decade of college level educational classroom experience, we are beginning the creation of detailed and extended educational offerings. We will be providing written, on-line and in person seminars.

We are always searching for new areas of interest that we can pursue to help you improve yourself both mentally and physically.  We are highly interested in any recommendations you may have on topics you feel would benefit yourself or others.  Please submit your ideas for topics or a specific subject matter you would like us to consider..

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