Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncture needles are made from stainless steel and medically classified for single use. Each needle is individually sterilized to prevent infection. Most acupuncture injuries result from improper needle insertion on the head and torso. The Balance Method acupuncture locations are primarily on the extremities preventing any injuries which could result when using the torso.

To obtain the best results from your treatment there are a few points that are important.

  1. Prior to treatment, please be sure to eat a small meal or a snack. Treatment results improve if you do not have an empty or excessively full stomach;
  2. The clothing that should be worn should be loose fitting allowing for ease of access to the extremities of the arms and legs.
  3. Post treatment avoid activities which are known to aggravate the affected area / condition between your treatment sessions

All acupuncture treatments take advantage of the natural healing ability of the body. Insertions of needles reprogram your body to take advantage of, and direct, this ability.

It is natural for a condition to reemerge between treatments but it will progressively improve in response to consecutive treatments sessions. The time for recovery from a condition will vary between individuals and conditions.

A small percentage of patients may experience an aggravation of a condition. This is an indication your body is responding to the acupuncture treatment. This aggravation resolves within a 24 to 36 hours.

After this period the condition normally progresses to a lessor level than it was prior to the treatment.