Our Ideal Patient

We believe in being open, honest, and forthcoming as to what is required to be successful in helping the body heal naturally. We know this to be an effective approach in treating disease and empowering people to not merely survive but thrive. Natural healing requires a unified multi-faceted approach where the patient’s role is vitally important to a successful outcome. Our ideal patient knows they must commit and are ready to make the necessary changes to strengthen and support their body to help heal itself.

We find patients with the following outlook have superior outcomes. They are ready to get well through a concerted undertaking with us in committing to their health. They recognize natural healing is rooted in supporting the body’s ability to heal itself which requires they be part of the process. The patient:

  • Values their health as the greatest wealth and asset in their life
  • Believes pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are not superior to their own body’s innate ability to heal itself if facilitated appropriately. They recognize there is an appropriate time and place for them but they shouldn’t be the first and only option unless in emergency and terminal situations.
  • No longer buys into implicit powerlessness and false paradigms that only a magical pill or surgery is their only choice
  • Recognize disease management and emergency medicine are different than health
  • Is highly skeptical and discerning of health advice from “knowledgeable” doctors who are unable to demonstrate Health in their own life- No longer buying into the “Do as I say, not as I do” assertion
  • Realizes “common sense doesn’t equal common action” and wants to be empowered with the necessary tools, knowledge, and practices best suited to help them not just survive but thrive
  • Is committed, and ready, to make changes now to recapture a level of health they deserve