Development Practices

Some people view Health as a state of being free from illness or injury. Others view Health as an ability to perform and excel in various physical activities.  Each of our practices have unique characteristics which support both Health viewpoints. The ultimate goal of any practices is preservation of your Health. They aid in recovery and support your ability to adapt to external environmental, physical and psychological stresses. Please contact us to see which of the practices can be tailored to provide support in reaching your Health objectives.

Dr. Xie Peiqi

Twelve Guiding Seated Meditations

The Twelve Guiding Seated Meditations practice enables the partitioner to optimize both mental and internal health. Through consistent practice of the postures vitality and balancing of the internal body systems occurs.  

Twelve Guiding Seated Meditations embodies the concept of Dao Yin or guiding and leading.  In Dao Yin specific postures and transitions are performed which emphasize the functioning of specific body systems, stimulate circulation of blood/lymph and nourish the tendons and muscles. For those familiar with the Theory of the Five Phases, the Twelve Guided Seated Meditations can viewed as the Metal Phase Enable the Water Phase or Yang transforming into Yin.

Eight Storing and Developing Sensitivity Practices

Within the Yin Style Bagua System the Eight Storing and Developing Sensitivity Exercises hold the place as the foundation of Healing Without Medicine. The practices enhance your ability to build, gather and direct internal resources while developing internal sensitivity. 

Not solely for the benefit of Chinese Medicine practitioners, the Eight Storing and Developing Sensitivity Practices are highly beneficial to all individuals searching for a way to maintain overall health or as a means to address stress and anxiety which is so common in our culture. 

For individuals who are practitioners of Chinese medicine the Eight Storing and Developing Sensitivity Practices will augment your skill and enhance your treatments. They will provide an advantage over those unfamiliar with the techniques while producing remarkable results for your patients.

Luohan Patting System

The Luohan Patting system is simple in its application but far reaching in its effects. The system can be used to augment other health practices, treat illness and repair injury.  The techniques of Luohan Patting stimulate the natural actions of the body to repair itself when injured through its affect on the muscular – skeletal system.  Patting increases the flow of nutrients to injured areas to facilitate tissue repair while stimulating the body to remove stagnations of blood and inflammation.  Patting also opens up the interstitial spaces in the skin and the muscles to enabling the transport of reparative and immune factors. In the past Patting was a means of developing the “Iron Body” in Chinese martial arts.

Luohan Patting is a set of exercises in which various areas of the body are “Patted” in a specific form and rhythm. The practice can be performed on oneself or provided to patients as part of their treatment. With respect to Chinese medicine, Luohan Patting is used to:

  • Strengthen the four body cavities
  • Open regions of flow
  • Regulate and flow the channel and vessels (Jing Mai) system

Standing and Turning

Standing and Turning practices increase the capacity of the body to adapt to stressful situations as well as to recover from physical activities and injuries.

Standing is a static practice involving the holding of postures which develop and increase the strength of the muscles, tendons, bones and joints. Turning supplements the benefits obtained through Standing by developing coordination, balance and strength.

Both Standing and Turning entail twisting movements which massage and benefit the internal organs.