Leon Powers

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‘At Cypress Pavilion I focus treatment on pain and constitutional medical conditions. Through community interactions and teaching, my goal is to foster an increased understanding of Chinese medicine and expand its application through research.’

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My interest and involvement with Chinese medicine is a long road of study and research in philosophy and martial arts.  I started studying various schools of Chinese thought in my early teens, and continued through university.  At the same time I became involved in the study of various martial arts based upon these schools of thought.

My first trip to China was to study martial arts and Chinese Medicine with Dr. Xie Peiqi. During subsequent trips over a four year period I studied classical foundations of understanding through the application of the Bagua and Yi Jing. This was the first time I had experienced an applied, organic presentation of the schools of Chinese philosophy. It is a dynamic, all encompassing, approach towards understanding.

After Dr. Xie’s passing, I continued medical studies in Applied Channel Theory and the Balance Method of Drs. Wang Ju-Yi and Richard Tan respectively.  Dr. Xie taught me the basis for understanding through the Bagua; Dr. Wang enabled me to apply this knowledge through an understanding of the channel systems and their relation to physiology; Dr. Tan provides direction in acupuncture diagnosis and treatment.  Though all three of these great doctors have passed away,  their unselfish sharing of knowledge has left their vast experience for posterity.