Wesley Kress, L.Ac, MSOM, MBA

Wesley Kress is a board certified acupuncturist and has a Masters of Science and Oriental Medicine from Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA). He also holds dual-concentration bachelors in Marketing and Finance from the Anderson Business School at the University of New Mexico and an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) with a dual concentration in Accounting and Finance with a specialty in Investments. After briefly teaching classes at the Anderson Business School at UNM at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level, he left to business consult for integrative health care practitioners while simultaneously pursuing his Master of Science and Oriental Medicine.

He specializes in chronic disease including auto-immune, systemic medical conditions, and pain/rehab/injury.

An unrelenting passion for everything related to health from an early age due to never being healthy led him on a journey to self-educate himself by reading 100’s of books in the area of health, nutrition, spirituality, mental health, functional medicine, sports performance, recovery, self-development, and everything in between. It was a journey met with at times confusion, adversity, and many failures of which he feels will allow him to give his patients first hand experience, clarity, and insight on their journey towards optimal health. The full account of his life long journey can be read below.

In 2016 he was blessed to begin an ongoing mentorship with Bryon Leon Powers, of which he credits allowing him to gain an understanding in Chinese Medicine that would have taken possibly 10+ years to obtain due to the amount of misinformation that is taught at most Western schools and the poor translation of much literature that is “supposedly” Chinese Medicine.

Wesley has first hand experience of the healing power of Chinese Medicine with both himself and the 100’s of patients he has treated. He also uses Neufit, which he feels is one of the few technological advancements in the field of wellness technology devices that actually dramatically decreases healing time unlike anything in the area of orthopedic pain. He has had first hand experience with the technology for over 10 years and much of the results would seem highly inflated or unbelievable. He has been fortunate enough to experience and try most of all the wellness technology devices on the market and he feels there is only a limited few that really make a significant difference. He recommends, for you to be highly skeptical.

Sports performance, powerlifting and strength training have always been my sanctuary, the one place where I could escape, test, and push myself. A place of invigoration and exploration. I was blessed beyond measure to grow up with one of the most supportive and loving family’s one could ask for. On the outside it appeared as if everything was fantastic and possibly perfect at times. Since a kid, friends, family, and acquaintances have known my deep passion for health, even as much to think I was a bit crazy, in reflection I could see why.

What many people didn’t know was the reason for this unrelenting passion was that my health started to show signs of problems since I was born. Although unknown to many it continued to deteriorate despite many efforts over the years. The journey through many doctors while growing up and with no answers was difficult but the worst part was that the help they attempted to provide ended up making things dramatically worst, with certain medications. I recall laying in my bed at the age of 19 with a life long accumulation of 70+ chronic signs and symptoms which included chronic fatigue to the point of not being able to make it down stairs, multiple chemical sensitivity, panic attacks, seasonal and environmental allergies, food intolerances, skin rashes everywhere, digestive disorders, severe depression and anxiety, paranoia, personality changes, inability to concentrate and severe memory loss with the inability to form new memories. There were many more but I had essentially hit rock bottom at the age of 19.

I had essentially failed despite my best efforts of reading 100’s of books on health, healing and wellness. Doctors had been unable to understand exactly what was going on only to give certain medication for acute illness that exacerbated the chronic illness. Unbeknownst to me, I had an ongoing autoimmune disease from when I was born. My case of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis was triggered by a genetic predisposition, soy formula, and my first five years of life on antibiotics, with a few weeks off. It further progressed and intensified due to certain dental procedures and ongoing medication from the doctors throughout my life. I had another autoimmune syndrome called  Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy which left me with debilitating mental and emotional signs and symptoms.

At age 19 my athletic dreams especially in the realm of powerlifting and strength training had to stop based on my own difficult realization that it would be near impossible to heal naturally while inducing a strong stressor on the body in an already near debilitated state. It took about 1.5 to 2 years to put the autoimmune into what I felt as “remission”. Understand that the label of “auto-immune” was unbeknownst to me but based on the alleviation of about 85% to 90% of the signs and symptoms I can fairly confidently state that.

In early 2017, I self-tested myself for the autoimmune markers after an initial self-test of thyroid markers showed I was in complete thyroid failure, which was the culmination of the autoimmune attack since I was born. An ultrasound revealed 70% destruction of the gland and a TSH 150+ likely in the 1,000s. Based on the timeline of signs and symptoms, I was in and out of hypothyroid for my whole childhood and in complete failure at the age of 19. I stayed there for the next 10 years approximately.

Due to my lifelong experience of the disease, I did not know what “normal” felt like thus the reason for no realization of that fact. I was simply thankful to feel somewhat normal or have diminished 85%-90% of my symptoms through natural methods of healing, which I now know to have been the autoimmune portion. The final 15% of symptoms were corrected with standardized thyroid glandular. 

I remember at 19, my rock bottom, having failed to improve despite a lifetime of trying, in fact quite the opposite had taken place, I was nearly debilitated with an endless array of signs and symptoms. I made a vow that if for some miracle, at least it felt like this at the time, I was able to get well, or even remotely feel normal, I would dedicate my life to helping others do the same.

I share this, as I know many people have adversity and struggles of which no one would know. It’s to inspire the courage to persevere even when little progress is made, as wisdom from the failure is of significance. The other is to raise awareness about autoimmunity. It’s the most over looked category of disease, why? It’s because due to a minimal to no treatment options in the area of western medicine, doctors refuse to even test for it. Chinese and Functional medicine are better suited at addressing the multi-faceted nature of auto-immune and I am a living testament of that. I feel directly obligated to speak up after a lifelong battle and raise awareness. Also, to help others living with the disease understand that even in the most severe progression of the disease such as in my case, it’s possible to go from rock bottom to high performance living.